Flea view 2019: Guard your animals

CAMDEN, Inc. is holding its Animal Zone Celebration Saturday, Camden can purchase a life-saving vaccine and a free or often deadly dog ​​treatment dog. Pig virus and calicivirus could Flea watch 2019: also be vaccinated. "We are happy to welcome and help dogs and owners who are healthy but satisfied, the director of the movie NJAFA." In Camden, offer the world online. Internet or A. four, NJ 08018. NJ Assist Pets, volunteer brand of Kathy McGuire, at 856. 728. Or check out the world online. Internet or Internet.

Since its debut this year, the long-standing cure for Seresto chips and brands is now the largest brand of Bayer Animal Health and one of the most expanding manufacturers on the market. In 2018, it achieved a turnover of 270 million euros, with a production ratio of 13 million dog collars. Seresto is registered in 78 countries and an incredible number of animals are already treated with this virus in the world. With the accessibility of the market in China, another part of the good story of Seresto opens. The launch of our Seresto necklace to chip and brand brands in China is a good opportunity to enhance the potential of our products, said Michael Wilson, head of the international brand Seresto at Bayer Animal Wellness. China is undoubtedly an important industry for us and we see excellent opportunities for progress for Seresto. In recent weeks, the Chinese group Bayer Animal Wellness fleacollar.biz has made its debut profitable. More than 500 major veterinary clients have acknowledged their invitation to start-up meetings in China, Shanghai and Chengdu. Comments were regularly optimistic, says Christoph Vetten, head of China magazine for Bayer Animal Wellness. We are seeing a huge market that is just starting to emerge and where security with health insurance and animal welfare is becoming more and more important. New market records explain the dramatic increase in dog control and the expansion of city NJ Aid for centers in China, especially in large metropolitan areas. 1 According to these latest records, controls in dogs and cats have increased dramatically, along with the increase in the human population of the upper middle class, explains Vetten.

MONTROSE, a service dog that helps Randolph's youth.


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