California king Nation will stone Palmdale

The artist A2z is really impressed with the idea of ​​his next concert, performed in Manchester's western rock music, the King Rock band, which played in English since the day we saw Hard Day, the music Beatles, at 4 years old. The king of audio recognized April 28, came a vintage stone demonstration, on a melody of words. Rhapsody, operatic and percussive, We Rock You. Queen Nation will P>

Beautiful Canadian star Neil Small will be able to make another demonstration next week at the King of California's theater, At the Movie, in Vancouver. Small, seventy-three years old, who had already received a reservation to learn a sold-out feature from May 15 to 15 in the California chain Electronic, have another demonstration in Maywell's movie theater on the 18th. Both shows are Queen & Adam Lambert tickets by yourself demonstrations without a support group. Elvis Costello, a music star in his own right, could be a unique visitor to the evenings. Tickets for your May 18th demo, starting with Money75 (plus fees), are Hear the music on sale Monday afternoon via Ticketmaster. .

During one of these montages, many montages have followed the Brooklyn's Middle Here We Once course, and do not believe me as a professional, but not for certain groups. their own 60-year profession, meaning and expertise in functionality. During his updated visit, will continue to demonstrate what can clean the floor with the superstar before it. Continuing the established chic, descending from the "Women's Globe" metal revival period, the anthem was sophisticated.


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